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  • Information Technology
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  • Internet of Things (IoT) in Electrical Systems
  • Electric Vehicles and Transportation
  • Robotics and Automation

Vol. 20 No. 10s (2024)

Published: 2024-07-10

Simulating Vehicle Driving Using CARLA

Prashant Ahire, S M M Naidu , Sandeep Varpe ,Sakshi Nadarge , Anushree Patil (Author)

44 - 52

Instrumentation for Water Level Monitoring System and It’s Software Development

S M M Naidu, P S Oza, O N Wagh , Nitin Alzende , Prashant Ahire ,Apurav Divekar ,Omkar Papade ,Virendra Mali , Yuvraj Khelkar , V M Diwate (Author)

53 - 62

Boosted Random Forests Approach for Spectral-Based Supervised Land Cover Mapping in Remote Sense Data

Ujjwal Kumar Kamila, Debasis Chakraborty , Simanta Hazra (Author)

83 - 92

Efficient Attendance Tracking with Facial Recognition

Rohit Talele, Shrinivasan Srivathsan Sudarsan , Aditya Gupta , Dhruv Tiwari , Bhawana Garg (Author)

93 - 103


Retracted (Author)

104 - 115

Social Participation of Filipinos: Basis for Designing Virtual Environment for Depressive Patients

Roy Francis Navea, Nicanor Roxas Jr., Elaine Marie Aranda, Gladys Babiera, Cherub Angenique Encabo, Justin Bernard Carlos (Author)

137 - 147

Readiness and Usability of Virtual Reality Technologies in Mental Health: A Local Perspective

Roy Francis Navea, Elaine Marie Aranda, Cherub Angenique Encabo, Gladys Babiera, Justin Bernard Carlos, Vincent Mao Talde (Author)

148 - 157

Surface Energy of Polymer Substrates for Flexible Electronics: A Comparative Study of Polyimide, PET, and Ceramic-coated PET

Mohamad H. Taherian , Arjun Wadhwa , Mehran Akbari , Sylvain G. Cloutier ,Martin BokducBolduc (Author)

158 - 164

Electric Motor Fault Detection using Artificial Intelligence

Faiz Ahmad, Shahzad Ahsan, Ajay Kumar, Gholam Sarwer, Sankalp Sonu (Author)

175 - 180

Optimization in Electrical Network through Domination Theory

D. N. Panchotia, T. K. Pathak, P. K. Rathod, D. D. Pandya, H. S. Bhutadia, A. K. Chaudhari (Author)

198 - 203

The Impact of Technology on Customer Engagement: Comparing the Chatbots and the Customer Executives

Kuldeep Tickoo, Pinnika Syam Yadav, Pothireddy Rajashekarreddy, Mithilesh Pandey (Author)

204 - 214

Hybrid-Squirrel-Search Evolutionary Programming Algorithm (HSSEPA) in Distributed Generation Installation for Voltage Security Improvement

Muhammad Haziq Aiman Muhamad Syukor, Ismail Musirin, Nor Azwan Mohamed Kamari, Azlina Abdullah, Nur Farahiah Ibrahim, Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim, Rahmatul Hidayah Salimin, Muhamad Hatta Hussain (Author)

283 - 296

Landscape Evaluation Method Design of Garden Plant Community Based on SBE Method

Yumeng Feng, Tao Jiang, Yan Huang, Yumeng Feng (Author)

358 - 369

A Novel Person Authentication Technique Using Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Keshava Murthy T. G., Eshwarappa M. N. (Author)

393 - 405

Research on the Design Process of Auxiliaries using Computer Aided Technology

Yue Sun, Ding-bang Luh, Yu-lin Zhao, Hua Wei (Author)

410 - 413

Anomaly Detection in Sensor Data with Machine Learning: Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Systems

Krishnateja Shiva, Pradeep Etikani, Vijaya Venkata Sri Rama Bhaskar, Akhil Mittal, Arth Dave, Darshit Thakkar, Devidas Kanchetti, Rajesh Munirathnam (Author)

454 - 462

Developments in Thermal Engineering: A Review on the Strategies of EV Car Battery Thermal Management

Divyesh B. Patel, Amit B. Panchal, Jalpesh H. Solanki, Chirag A.Maradiaya, Haresh Z. Parmar, Monir Chandrala (Author)

491 - 501

Exploring Emotional Intelligence in Jordan’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Healthcare Adoption: A UTAUT Framework

Mahmoud Mohammad Ahmad Ibrahim, Putra Sumari, Pantea Keikhosrokiani, Lara Ahmad Ghasab Almashagba, Areej Ahmed Theeb (Author)

502 - 541

A Novel Approach to Integrate Palmprint Recognition and Sequence of Multiple Fingerprints to Authenticate Smartphone

Shiva Prasad M. S., Ganga Shirisha M. S., B Bhaskar Rao, Sanjeevkumar Chetti, Chandrakant Naikodi (Author)

564 - 573

Deep Belief Networks and Hybrid Term-Frequency Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF) Based Suicide Identification in Online Social Networks

B. Bhaskar Rao, Shiva Prasad M. S., Ganga Shirisha M. S., Sanjeevkumar Chetti, Suresh L., Chandrakant Naikodi (Author)

574 - 590

Adaptive Loss-Guided Multi-Stage Residual ASPP for Lesion Segmentation and Disease Detection in Cucumber under Complex Backgrounds

Jie Yang , Jiya Tian , Jinchao Miao , Yunsheng Chen , Shuping Zhang , YixuanWu (Author)

787 - 804

Research on Numerical Simulation and Prevention Strategy of Geological Hazards by Integrating Machine Learning and GIS Technology

Fei Han ,Jingkun Bao ,Kun Wang ,Jiale An ,Zhongcai Gao ,Yurong Li ,Yongjun Li (Author)

938 - 952

Cloud Incident Response: Enhancing Efficiency Through Redundancy

Rakesh Bhavsar ,Vishvajit Thakar (Author)

1042 - 1048

Dielectric Spectroscopic Studies of Pure and Ionic Substituted Calcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Nano-particles

Sonal R. Vasant, Rakesh R. Hajiyani, Dipak J. Dave, Nikunj D. Pandya, Mihir J. Joshi (Author)

1049 - 1053

Ensuring the Security of Logistics Information and Data Searching Using Ant Colony Optimization and Blockchain

Lingaraj K., Nalavadi Srikantha, Khaja Moinuddin, Lokesh K. S. (Author)

1054 - 1059

Human Activity Recognition Using Hierarchical Hybrid Multi-CNN ELM Classifier

Garima Bohra, Chandra Kumar, Neelam Sharma (Author)

1068 - 1085

Enhancing Data Security in Banking: The Power of Hybrid Algorithm-Based Solutions

Rakesh Bhavsar, Madhavi Dave, Pooja Shah, Hetal A. Joshiyara, Chintan Patel (Author)

1093 - 1102

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