A Study on Cyber Crime and its Related Laws in India

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Divakar sharma


The flow of data and information between different networks has been made easier by the use of Internet. Thus the security issues with data and information being transferred between networks at distant locations have become a major concern from the past few years. Various criminal activities like unauthorized access to others networks, scams, etc are done by the humans. These criminal activities that related to the internet are known as Cyber Crimes.

With the increasing popularity of online activities like online banking, online shopping, etc., it is a term that we often hear in the news now-a-days. Therefore, in order to stop and punish the cyber criminals, “Cyber Law” has been introduced. Cyber Law can be defined as law of the web, i.e., it is a part of the legal systems that deals with the Internet, Cyberspace and with other legal issues like online security or online privacy.

Therefore, keeping the objectives in mind, this research paper is divided into different sections in order to provide a brief overview of what is cybercrime, the perpetrators of cybercrime-hackers and crackers, different types of cybercrimes and the evolution of cyber laws in India. The paper also sheds light on how these laws work and the various measures to prevent, which can be used to combat this “hi-tech” crime in India.

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