Effect of Silver Doped Nanostructured ZrO2 Thin Films on Some physical properties

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Mazin Hamed Hasan, Nadir Fadhil Habubi, Jamal M. Rzaij, Ibrahim Ramadhan Agool, Jenan Abdullah Khlati, Sami Salman Chiad


Disengage and silver-doped ZrO2 samples with different percentages of Silver content (2%,4%) are grown via spray pyrolysis. XRD has demonstrated that the pinnacle of the maximum force compares to the favored direction (111) for ZrO2 films at 4% of silver. The Grain size for unadulterated ZrO2 molecule is (13.02 -14.62) nm with ZrO2: 4% Ag, though the dislocation density boundary diminishes from 58.98 to 46.67, though the strain (%) boundary expanded from 26.61 to 23.70, AFM examines uncovered a smooth surface Rrms harshness esteems decline from 7.68 nm to 3.23 nm from ZrO2 to ZrO2: 4% Ag. Besides, the Roughness Average saw in the scope of 685 nm to 4.12 nm with Undoped ZrO2 and ZrO2: 4% Ag subsequently. The particle size saw in the scope of 69.30 nm to 51.02 nm with ZrO2 and ZrO2: 4% Ag subsequently. The maximum transmittance value of the pure sample is 90%, which decreases by silver doping increase. The minimum transmittance value for 4% Silver doping is 70 %. Band gaps of Undoped ZrO2, ZrO2: 2% Ag and ZrO2: 4% Ag films were 5.26 eV, 5.20 eV and 5.14 eV, respectively. Doping with silver raises the absorption coefficient while lowering the optical constants   

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