Synthesis of Cinnamon Nanoparticles in Methanol Medium by Laser Q-Switched Nd: YAG

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Shahlaa M. Abd Al Hussan, Ibrahim R. Agool, Aiyah S. Noori


Organic nanoparticles with diverse and non-toxic properties are useful for use in the medical field, where cinnamon nanoparticles are an example of bioactive organic materials, as they are working as anti-bacterial and anti-fungi. Starting with this idea we prepared it using the "pulsed laser ablation in liquid technique" (PLAL) using Q- Switched Nd:YAG  pulse laser where we used different pulses (250, 500, 750, and 1000 Pulse/sec) with the constant ablation energy (500 mJ) FESEM, and Uv- Vis  measurements were made and the results of FESEM were performed indicating obtaining the average sizes (17.06 nm) for the sample (750 Pulse /sec ) and the average sizes (45.43 nm) of the sample (1000 Pulse /sec ). The results of the Uv- Vis indicate two peaks within the wavelengths (240 nm, 324 nm) These particles can be well used in medical applications as an alternative to industrial drugs.   

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