Interactive College Sports Swimming Teaching Methods in the Context of Sustainable Development

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Yu Shao, Xiaozhou Huang, Ming Lv


This study investigates the relationship between interactive teaching methods, sports education, and sustainable growth in the context of college swimming programs. Using a cross-disciplinary approach, they study how novel instructional tactics might be used to increase both swimming proficiency and environmental awareness among college students. Using ideas from education, environmental science, sports management, and sustainability studies, they create and execute interactive teaching modules that include sustainability principles in college sports swimming instruction. They want to build immersive educational experiences that will enable children to be environmentally responsible athletes and global citizens through experiential learning, technological integration, and community participation. These results highlight the transformative power of interactive college sports swimming teaching approaches for improving holistic learning outcomes and advancing sustainability objectives. By bridging the gap between pedagogy and ecology, this study adds to the expanding body of literature on the nexus of sports education and environmental stewardship, providing practical insights and recommendations for educators, policymakers, and practitioners in the field.

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