Design and Implementation of Adaptive English Learning System Integrating Language Contexts

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Yi Liu, Yanfeng Zu


The study is a novel attempt at the intersection of language teaching, technology integration, and cultural competence. In response to the changing expectations of language learners in a globalized environment, this project investigates the design and implementation of an adaptive learning system that is adapted to individual learner needs and preferences while seamlessly incorporating actual language settings. Drawing on theoretical frameworks from language pedagogy, artificial intelligence, and cultural studies, the study uses AI, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms to personalize instructional interventions and contextualize language learning materials. The study shows that the adaptive learning system is effective in improving language proficiency, engagement levels, and cultural competence among learners based on rigorous empirical evaluations and user feedback. The findings highlight adaptive learning technologies' transformative potential in revolutionizing language education paradigms by providing a holistic and immersive language learning experience that enables learners to navigate diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes with confidence and fluency.

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