Blind Protection System from Surrounding Obstacles

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Omar Mohammed Al- Hadloosh, Saad Qasim Abbas, Sarah Talib Khazal, Abdul Rahman Khalaf Saleh, Noor aldeen A.khalid, Rehab Ali Hussein, Fatima Baqer Yahya, Afnan Sattar Abdel Hussein, Essam Hamed Ibrahim


There are around 285 million people worldwide who have a visual impairment or are blind. This has a significant impact on their abilities to interact with their surroundings, reducing their ability to work and produce and making their daily lives difficult. There are many technologies working to provide solutions to these problems, one of which is the "blind protection system from surrounding obstacles", a device developed to help them interact more efficiently with the environment by avoiding obstacles and traveling. By wearing it on the body parts, it will alert the user by audible sounds due to ultrasound wave sensors connected to modern microchip technology called Arduino Pro Mini and piezoelectric buzzers that convert electric signals to sound waves.   

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