Physical Characterization of Antimony Doped Nanostructured Nickel Oxide Thin Films

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Ibrahim Ramadhan Agool, Ali Taher Mohi, Mahir Noori Thameel, Yasmeen Z. Dawood, Nadir Fadhil Habubi, Sami Salman Chiad


Antimony Doped NiO and nanostructured NiO films were produced using Simple Spray Pyrolysis (SP). The anticipated films were polycrystalline, with a favored peak along the (200) plane, according to an XRD examination. The grain size had decreased from a maximum of 17.81 nm to 28.49 nm at 3% antimony doping. Calculations were made for micro strain and dislocation density, among other microstructural characteristics. Findings came in. The morphology of the surface (AFM) of the film is affected by this antimony. The (Undoes) nanoparticles' average particle sizes were discovered to be 87.5, 49.7, and 41.6 nm. NiO: (Ra) and (Rrms) of AFM: NiO, undated NiO, NiO with 1% Sb, and NiO with 3% Sb, respectively Sb films have a wavelength range of (10.71-5.26) nm and (8.76 - 3.32 nm).  Using UV-visible transmission spectroscopy, it was discovered that the deposited films are transparent in the visible spectrum. The refractive index and extinction coefficient both decrease with antimony concentration and the energy gap was 3.63–3.52 eV.   

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