A Comparative Study of Different Induction Coils Used for Brazing Purposes

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Mothana Razzaq Ibrahim, Isam Mahmood Abdulbaqi


Brazing of copper tubes or copper pieces is widely used in industry for different applications. This study deals with a design of different complicated and non-traditional shapes and geometries of induction coils such that they will match the same power supply. Two shapes of induction coils (Coil A and Coil B) were designed and simulated. The design of each coil is done using the Electromagnetic–Thermal coupled algorithm adopting the finite element method (FEM) through ANSYS computer package. The real coils are tested practically to determine their inductance and resonance frequency. Different voltages and frequencies applied to each coil in order to obtain the best operating point. The results are documented and discussed, the practical results are well matched with the theoretical one. The results show that Coil B is more effective than Coil A, consume less power and complete the job in less time.  

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