Design a hand robot made by using 3D printing

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M. J. Thamer, Ayham N. Ali, Noor A. Hameed, Ezzat Muwaffaq Abdul Karim


Many studies carried out by researchers in the field of prosthetics have contributed to improving the lives of those who have lost limbs for whatever reason, and transforming their lives into a more natural and productive form in society after amputation problems lead the patient to withdraw and expose him to countless social problems. The importance of the research lies in Manufacture of a robotic hand using 3D printing, as a palm and five fingers were printed, each finger consists of three nodes connected to joints that can move through two strings, one to close the finger and the other to open the finger, as the two strings are connected to the servo motor to move each finger, and each motor takes the electrical signal from the Arduino Which receives the nerve signal from the amputated hand by means of the electrical signal sensor, the results obtained through pure research that the hand was manufactured with high efficiency, light weight and high response while receiving the brain signal to close and open the fingers for the purpose of lifting and moving objects with light weights to help Persons with special needs (amputated hands) from performing their daily tasks.  

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