Analysis of Unmanned Economy Business Model under the Concept of Digital Sustainable Operation

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Xiaohua Ma


The rapid growth of technology has resulted in the emergence of unmanned economy business models that are defined by automation, data analytics, and digital connectivity. This study investigates the unmanned economy within the context of digital sustainable operation, to understand its ramifications in terms of technology, economics, the environment, and society. We provide a detailed investigation of the technological infrastructure that powers unmanned systems, evaluating their energy efficiency, environmental effect, and scalability. Economic dynamics are studied to better comprehend market prospects, labour consequences, and the integration of digital sustainable operations techniques. Environmental evaluations examine energy use, carbon emissions, and trash generation to find reduction potential and promote environmental sustainability. Furthermore, societal ramifications such as job patterns, social equality, and community resilience are investigated to promote inclusive growth. This study, by combining views from several disciplines, provides significant insights for stakeholders, policymakers, and researchers navigating the intricacies of the unmanned economy while encouraging sustainable and inclusive development.

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