MATIKETAN Utilization of IT Infrastructure to Support the Development of Mobile Applications for Road Traffic Violation Ticketing

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Ms.Jona Marie T. Mariano, Thelma Domingo Palaoag


There is an increasing trend in the number of fines, traffic citations, and arrests for traffic infractions among motorists in the present day. Over the past few years, there has been a tightening of traffic restrictions and an increase in penalties. Both small and major traffic violations are considered serious charges or allegations. This study aims to address the limitations and problems of the current method by creating a mobile application for a road traffic infraction ticketing system in Ilocos Norte. The study aimed to achieve the following objectives: firstly, to analyze and assess the different factors that contribute to traffic violations and the difficulties associated with the traditional method of capturing and processing violations; secondly, to conduct a comprehensive review of technologies that could be used to capture and process violations in a more effective and convenient way; and finally, to develop and implement a system that would enhance the reporting, payment, and monitoring of traffic violations in Ilocos Norte. Semi-structured interviews and survey questionnaires were employed for data collection. Respondents for the study were identified using user identities. The system's development incorporated RAD, which stands for Rapid Application Development. Based on the results of the users' acceptability test, it was determined that both the online and mobile applications of The Matiketan were considered acceptable. Based on the conclusions and findings, the researcher recommends that the appropriate office should accept and implement the system.

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