Optimization study of Microeconomics Model under the Integration of Partial Differential Equations

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Shumin Wei, Jianwei Wang


This study looks into the optimization of microeconomic models using partial differential equations (PDEs), to improve economic efficiency, sustainability, and stability. By merging economics, mathematics, and optimization theory principles, the study develops a complete technique for studying and optimizing large economic systems. The process entails developing a microeconomic model, obtaining the associated PDEs, including optimization targets, solving optimization problems, and doing sensitivity analyses. The statistical results of the optimization study show considerable improvements in important economic indices such as manufacturing output, production costs, and pricing volatility. The discussion focuses on the usefulness of the integrated PDE-based approach in promoting economic growth, sustainability, and stability. Furthermore, related work in microeconomic modeling, optimization, and PDE-based analysis provides a context for the study's findings. This research advances economic analysis and optimization methodologies, providing significant insights for policymakers, corporations, and stakeholders aiming to address current economic difficulties and promote long-term economic development.

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