Application of Rural Tourism Management Cloud Service Platform Based on Data Fusion and Data Mining

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Xiuli Liu


The advancement of technology has revolutionized the tourism industry, particularly in rural areas, where traditional practices often face challenges in management and promotion. This study explores the application of a Rural Tourism Management Cloud Service Platform (RTMCSP) that leverages data fusion and data mining techniques to enhance rural tourism development. The RTMCSP integrates various data sources, including geographical, demographic, and socio-economic data, to provide comprehensive insights into rural tourism destinations and visitor preferences. Through data fusion, disparate data sets are combined to create a unified view of rural tourism ecosystems, facilitating informed decision-making by tourism stakeholders. Additionally, data mining techniques such as clustering, classification, and association analysis are applied to extract valuable patterns and trends from large-scale tourism data, enabling personalized marketing strategies, resource allocation, and tourist experience optimization. The implementation of the RTMCSP offers promising opportunities for rural tourism development, fostering sustainable growth, community empowerment, and cultural preservation in rural areas. This study contributes to the literature on tourism management by demonstrating the potential of data-driven approaches in enhancing rural tourism experiences and promoting regional development.

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