Design and Application of Interactive Teaching Evaluation Model for English Classroom Based on Multiple Regression Analysis

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Jing Zhao


This study proposes and implements an interactive teaching evaluation model tailored for English classrooms, leveraging multiple regression analysis techniques. Traditional evaluation methods often lack a nuanced understanding of the multifaceted dynamics between teachers, students, and instructional materials in English language education. To address this gap, they develop a comprehensive model that integrates various factors influencing teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes. The design of the proposed model involves the identification and selection of key variables, including teacher competence, student engagement, instructional materials quality, and classroom environment. Through the application of multiple regression analysis, they quantitatively assess the relative importance of these variables and their interactions in predicting teaching effectiveness and student achievement in English language acquisition. Furthermore, the model incorporates an interactive component, allowing for real-time feedback and adjustment based on ongoing evaluation data. This interactive feature enables teachers to adapt their instructional strategies in response to student needs and classroom dynamics, fostering a dynamic and responsive teaching environment. The application of the interactive teaching evaluation model is demonstrated through a series of case studies conducted in English classrooms. By collecting and analyzing data on teaching practices, student performance, and classroom interactions, they validate the effectiveness of the model in enhancing teaching quality and student learning outcomes. The proposed interactive teaching evaluation model offers a systematic and data-driven approach to assessing and improving teaching effectiveness in English classrooms. By integrating multiple regression analysis and interactive feedback mechanisms, this model provides valuable insights for educators, administrators, and policymakers seeking to enhance English language education.

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