Scaffolding accidents Relative Rumaila oil field

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Ahmed A. Marzooq, Hatim A. Rashid


Scaffold-related fatalities are among the most common causes of death on construction sites. Therefore, the goal of this research is to examine, from the perspectives of safety personnel, the most common triggers for accidents involving scaffolding on construction sites. Data for this study was gathered through the administration of questionnaires to site safety workers in the Rumaila oil field. The Relative Importance Index (RII) and SPSS were used to examine the data. This study's results provide Scaffold workers on construction sites most frequently suffered from falls owing to tripping or falling, being struck by an object, or becoming entangled in or between two objects, according to the data collected. Further analysis of the data revealed that unsafe behavior and settings were the primary causes of scaffolding accidents. Disassembly, physical handling, and erecting were proven to be the most dangerous times on a scaffold. Where it is recommended to provide special training for scaffolding works in terms of dismantling and assembling and providing full awareness to the staff.

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