Technical Assessment of Track and Field Sports Based on Fuzzy Set Center of Gravity Improvement Algorithm

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Wu Wen


This paper presents and explores the use of the Fuzzy Set Center of Gravity Improvement Algorithm (FSCGIA) in track and field sport technical evaluation. Evaluating athletic performance using traditional methods frequently fails to capture the subtle complexity included in sports like pole vaulting, throwing, sprinting, and leaping. We suggest using FSCGIA, a computational strategy based on fuzzy set theory and optimization methods, to overcome this difficulty. We gathered and processed data with great care, used the FSCGIA, and performed a thorough study of performance metrics in several disciplines. According to our research, the FSCGIA-based strategy outperforms conventional techniques in terms of accuracy, objectivity, and granularity. Additionally, the system makes it easier to evaluate players' technical proficiency more accurately, allowing coaches and athletes should pinpoint their areas of weakness and adjust their training plans accordingly. The potential of implementing the FSCGIA-based method in sports coaching and athlete development is examined, emphasizing its practical consequences and potential to spur innovation and progress in the field of sports science research. Overall, this research highlights how the Fuzzy Set Center of Gravity Improvement Algorithm has a revolutionary effect on the assessment of track and field athletes' performances, providing a viable path to improve athletic performance and competitive success.

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