Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Flat Plates with Pre and Post Openings with an Edge Column

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Haider K. Ammash, Mohammed A. shuber, Ghanim H. Al-Ghanimy


The flat slab is a common structural system commonly used to construct a range of buildings. In contrast, the usage of flat slabs directly supported by columns indicates their sensitivity to a punched shear collapse, especially in earthquake-prone zones. Punching shear and slab behavior can be studied using nonlinear Finite Element studies. This work presents a 3-D analysis of the reinforced concrete slab utilizing the damage-plasticity model in the finite element program ABAQUS. This research investigates the punching shear behavior of reinforced flat plates with pre and post-openings. In comparison with the behavior of the test specimen, the findings of the FEA simulations reveal a suitable response. Simulations provide information on punching shear capacity and crack pattern. The purpose of this paper is to develop an innovative numerical modeling strategy for simulating and analyzing reinforced slabs with pre and post-opening. The proposed method for representing the flat slab with post openings and the drilling damage produced satisfactory results and can be used to represent similar cases. Numerical studies showed that slabs with post-openings had lower ultimate loads than slabs with pre-openings due to drilling damage.

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