Electrical and Thermal Properties Enhancement of Carboxymethyl cellulose Composite Films Reinforced by Chromium Chloride

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Noor A. Hameed, Alaa Raad Hussein


Pure (CMC) polymer films and CrCl3 salt reinforcement was prepared using solution casting method. The salt was added to the CMC at various weight ratios of (1, 5, 9, and 13) wt%. The electrical (dielectric) and thermal properties were investigated for all samples. On the other hand, salt weight ratio effects on electrical (i.e., dielectric) and thermal characteristics of (CMC-CrCl3) composite films were examined at room temperature. When frequency increased, a reduction in the dielectric constant and rise in the A.C electrical conductivity were revealed for all composite films. In contrast, the A.C electrical conductivity and dielectric constant were increased as long as the salt weight ratio increased. A significant increase in the thermal conductivity coefficient of (CMC-CrCl3) composite films was revealed as the salt weight ratio increases. Generally, the dielectric constant, ionic conductivity and dielectric loss were increased as the metal salt content increase confirming the increment of the ion concentration. However, the results indicate the possibility of using these composite films in devices that require stability of the dielectric properties at high frequencies.

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