Construction of Ethnic Traditional Sports Database Based on Computer Information Networking

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Xinghua Li


The construction of an Ethnic Traditional Sports Database utilizing computer information networking represents a crucial endeavor in the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage. This study explores the implications, challenges, and benefits associated with this initiative. By systematically cataloging ethnic traditional sports, the database serves as a repository of cultural knowledge, safeguarding invaluable traditions from the erosive forces of time and modernization. However, challenges such as data collection, verification, and classification necessitate interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement. Despite these obstacles, the database offers manifold benefits, including academic research opportunities, educational enrichment, and tourism development. Looking ahead, efforts should focus on expanding database content, enhancing accessibility, and evaluating its impact on cultural preservation and community development. Ultimately, the construction of an Ethnic Traditional Sports Database underscores the importance of tradition, innovation, and collaboration in preserving the richness and diversity of human cultural expression.

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