Analytical Study on the Integration of Social Network Analysis in Legal Compliance and Assessment of Advertising Communication Effects

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Wei Li


This paper presents an analytical investigation into the utilization of Social Network Analysis (SNA) techniques within the realms of legal compliance and the assessment of advertising communication effects. With the proliferation of social media platforms and digital marketing channels, businesses face increasing complexities in ensuring legal adherence and understanding the impact of their advertising endeavours. This study aims to bridge the gap between legal compliance and advertising effectiveness by leveraging insights derived from SNA methodologies. The first part of the study explores the landscape of legal compliance in advertising, highlighting the myriad of regulations and standards that govern communication practices. It delves into the challenges faced by organizations in navigating these legal frameworks, particularly in the context of evolving digital landscapes characterized by user-generated content and influencer marketing. Subsequently, the paper elucidates the principles and methodologies of Social Network Analysis, emphasizing its applicability in discerning patterns of communication, identifying key actors, and evaluating the diffusion of information within social networks. By employing SNA techniques, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships between stakeholders, thereby enhancing their ability to anticipate legal risks and ensure compliance. Through a synthesis of legal compliance frameworks and SNA methodologies, this study proposes a comprehensive framework for integrating SNA into the processes of legal compliance and advertising effectiveness assessment.

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