Application of Ceramic Sculpture Art in Urban Landscape Design Based on 3D Printing Technology

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Yuan Yuan


We suggested a way based on 3D printing technology for ceramic sculpture in order to address the creative design issue. Initially, we determined if the ceramic sculpture design approach based on 3D printing technology in this study was effective by utilizing ANSYS ICEMCFD simulation software. The experimental group A is identified as the design technique used in this investigation. Experimental groups B and C, respectively, represent the two conventional design approaches that are documented. The effect, size error, and accuracy error of the three sets of design methodologies used to create the product were finally ascertained and compared. The design process, excellent pattern definition, and tiny surface precision mistake are demonstrated in the creation of ceramic sculptures. The relative size error caused is tiny in the x, y, and z directions, the error is kept below 1.0, and the final product's influence is constant. The ceramic sculpture created this time has a modest surface roughness, meaning that its dimensional correctness will not be compromised.

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