Control Management for Hybrid System of Solar and Batteries Bank Cells - Diesel Generator using Programmable Logic Controller

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Wadah Aljasim, Saif kamal, wurood Fadhil, Noor Hassan


This research is studying the management proposition for a hybrid system with solar, batteries bank, and diesel generators using PLC, which is generating the wanted electrical energy and conveys it to the load. This arrangement can be utilized in various places that have sunny days most of the year when the solar light is within a reasonable amplitude, then the solar cells or generator is beginning to supply the electrical energy to the load. if there is any error that has happened or the solar light is not within the working range then the solar-green generator is discontinued, and the batteries bank will start supplying the electrical energy to the load. in case both the Solar and batteries bank are failed, then the diesel generator will feed the load with electrical energy.   

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