Asub-6 MIMO Antenna for Wireless Communication Systems B-Shaped

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Azhaar A.Shalal, Hazeem B. Taher, Mahmood F. Mosleh, Oras A. Shareef


modern wireless communication systems' advancement is based on the simulation of the designed antenna and utilizing the B-shaped MIMO antenna in various applications. However, the use of MIMO in low-band and mutual-coupling wireless devices is challenging. To address this, we propose a B-shaped microstrip MIMO antenna for modern wireless connectivity, which we simulated by "CST Microwave Studio". Our outcomes showed the proposed antenna has a dual-band frequency response at 4.798 GHz, with geometry applied on an FR-4 substrate thru dimensions of 35 × 78 mm and a thickness to 0.5 mm. Through simulations, we have observed the reflection coefficient (S11) to be less than -10 dB across two frequency bands and it exhibits improved isolation between antenna elements, with a value of less than -35 dB.   

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