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  • Electric Vehicles and Transportation
  • Robotics and Automation

Vol. 20 No. 7s (2024)

Published: 2024-05-04

Various Load Sharing Strategies used in DC Microgrids

Shilpa K. Patel, Rajnikant H. Bhesdadiya, Hitesh M. Karkar, Shilpa L. Kaila (Author)

1749 - 1762

A Blockchain Based Data Sharing System for Health Care Applications

Lokendra Singh Songare, Shubha Soni, Pinky Rane, Goda Srinivasa Rao, T. Sunilkumar Reddy, Rakesh Pandit, K. Selvam, Balajee Jeyakumar (Author)

1800 - 1810

Mobile Robot Navigates Based on Geographical Information Systems

Hussein Haddam Oleiwi, Kifah R. Tout, Ahmed Abdul Hussein Ali, Muthana Arzuqi Waheb (Author)

1811 - 1819

Managing and Decreasing Power Consumption of Devices in a Smart City Environment

Alaa Sabeeh Salim, Mohamad Mahdi Kassir, Amir Lakizadeh (Author)

1820 - 1832

Embedded Real-Swarm Evolutionary Programming Technique for Intelligent Load Curtailment Strategy

Muhammad Zharif Mat Aziz, Ismail Musirin, Mohd Helmi Mansor, Saiful Amri Ismail, Azlina Abdullah, Sharifah Azwa Shaaya, A.V. Senthil Kumar (Author)


Exploring the Cultural Significance and Economic Potential of a Wau Bulan Chatbot

Vinothini Kasinathan, Siyen Lee Miao, Aida Mustapha, Ismail Musirin (Author)


Dr First Aider: A vertical chatbot for First Aid

Vinothini Kasinathan, Edward Ding Hong Wai, Vinnie The, Chu Kwan Yue Jovi James, Aida Mustapha, Ismail Musirin (Author)


Impact of Under Voltage Load Shedding Approach for Voltage Security Control in Power Quality Environment

Syahrul Ashikin Azmi, Ismail Musirin, Adlan Azhari Mohammad Caezar, Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim, Muhd. Hatta Hussain, Azralmukmin Azmi, A.V. Senthil Kumar (Author)


Integrated Index Vector Method and Hybrid Ant Lion Chaotic Evolutionary Programming Optimization (HALCEP) Technique for Loss Minimization in Distribution System

Muhammad Danial Mohd Zuraimi, Ismail Musirin, Mohamad Hatta Hussain, Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim, Azralmukmin Azmi, Norhaidar Hashim, Jamil Ahmad Radziyan (Author)


Reactive Power Management in Loss and Voltage Control via Integrated Clonal Accelerated Evolutionary Programming

Rahmatul Hidayah, Ismail Musirin, Zulkiffli Abdul Hamid, Nor Azwan Mohamed Kamari, Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim, A.V. Sentil Kumar (Author)


Intelligent Composite Compensation Under Load Variation in Power Transmission System.

Saiful Amri Ismail, Ismail Musirin, Nor Azwan Mohamed Kamari, Mohd Helmi Mansor, Zulkiffli Abdul Hamid, Mohamad Hatta Hussain, A.V. Sentil Kumar (Author)


Application of Improved Sparrow Search Algorithm to Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Long-Yan Xu, Yi-Fan Zhao, Peng Li1, Ming Li, Ya-Hong Zhai, Li-Ming Huang (Author)

424 - 435

Performance Scrutiny of Price Prediction on Blockchain Technology Using Machine Learning

Jayanta Aich, Nilofar Mulla, Swapnil Kalita, Navjot Kaur, Someet Singh (Author)

446 - 452

Unleashing Innovation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering: The Role of New Technology in Driving Progress

B. Ravi Chandra, Adil Rajput, Prasanna P. Deshpande, Jatindranath Gain (Author)

453 - 460

A 3-Approximation Algorithm for Uniform Capacitated Facility Location Problem with Penalties

Manisha Bansal, Seema Aggarwal, Geeta Aggarwal, Neelima Gupta (Author)

461 - 468

A Novel Approach of Cloud Computing Network for Authentication and Security Enhancement of IoT Enabled Cancer Forecasting System

Anusha Ampavathi, Dhawaleswar Rao CH, T. Nagalakshmi, S. Muruganandam, N. Magendiran, I. Naga Padmaja, K. Selvam, Manasa Bandlamudi (Author)

518 - 534

Linking Renewable Energy in Protected Areas for Sustainable Ecotourism Development

Shanker Bhattarai, Aphirom Promchanya, Warangkana Jutidamrongphan, Kuaanan Techato, Saroj Gyawali (Author)

535 - 549

Energy Needs and Sustainable Development of the World Heritage Site: A Proposition in Lumbini

Saroj Bhattarai, Arkom Palamanit, Kuaanan Techato, Saroj Gyawali (Author)

550 - 557

The Role of Local Community in Enhancing Sustainable Community Based Tourism

Krishna Prasad Sapkota, Arkom Palamanit, Kuaanan Techato, Saroj Gyawali, Hari Prasad Ghimire, Bishal Khatiwada (Author)

558 - 571

Evaluating Academic Information Systems Through Dual Models

Sukarno Bahat Nauli, Agung Priambodo, Hernalom Sitorus, Turkhamun Adi Kurniawan (Author)

594 - 600

Performance assessment of monolayer Black Phosphorus DG-JLFET

Pankaj Kumar Sanda, Anup Dey, Rudra Sankar Dhar (Author)


Deep Long and Short Term Memory with Tunicate Swarm Algorithm for Skin Disease Detection and Classification

Ashwin Narasimha Murthy, Ramesh Krishnamaneni, T. Prabhakara Rao, V. Vidyasagar, Ambhika. C, I. Naga Padmaja, Manasa Bandlamudi, Amit Gangopadhyay (Author)


Hierarchical Coordinated Control Strategy for Active Power in Distribution Networks with Scaled Distributed Generation Access

Xiaoming Zhang, Wenbin Cao ur Syamimi Fazila, Yuhang Sun, Ying Liu, Xu Sun (Author)


Automated Text Recognition and Segmentation for Historic Map Vectorization: A Mask R-CNN and UNet Approach

Suresh Dodda, Naveen Kunchakuri, Anoop Kumar, Sukender Reddy Mallreddy (Author)

635 - 649

Munir: Weakly Supervised Transformer for Arabic Computational Propaganda Detection on Social Media

Bodor Moheel Almotairy, Manal Abdullah, Dimah Hussein Alahmadi (Author)

650 - 665

Capacity Utilization Assessment Using Discrete-Event Simulation: Case Study of a High-Density Crowd Visiting the Holy Rawda in the City of Madinah

Kawther Saeedi, Abdulaziz Ab-dullah, Marwa Sonbul, Ahmad Hatim Hassan Qadi, Liping Zhao, Kawthar Moria, Sultanah M. Alshammari, Rehab Ashari (Author)

666 - 683

QoIoTX: A QoE-Aware IoT Service Discovery Framework

Rawan Sanyour, Manal Abdullah (Author)

684 - 712

Electromagnetic Transverse Modes in Periodic Structures: Mathematical Analysis and Engineering Applications

Zeineb Klai, Mohamed Ayari, Mohamed Ali Hammami, Khaled Kefi, Atef Gharbi, Abdulsamad Ebrahim Yahya (Author)

713 - 726

Exploratory Data Analysis using Machine learning – Behaviour Based Safety

Jerin Johnkutty, Serajul Haque, Jerry Davis T (Author)

744 - 754

Enhancing Power Quality in ON-Grid Systems with PV-STATCOM for Reactive Power Compensation

Amol A. Suryawanshi, Vishal S. Wadkar, Ashwani Tapde (Author)

755 - 762

Trust and Energy Effective Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks

Pavan Kumar M V N R, Hariharan R (Author)

787 - 791

A Novel Optimized Colonic adenocarcinoma Detection using Deep Transfer Learning Approach with XceptionTS Model

Rakesh Patnaik, Premanshu Sekhara Rath, Sasmita Padhy, Sachikanta Dash (Author)

816 - 830

Multi-Document Summarization using Discrete Bat Optimization

K. Adi Narayana Reddy, L. Lakshmi, K. Srinivasa Rao, D. Krishna Madhuri, K Brahma Naidu, K Varapraad Rao (Author)

831 - 842

Securing the Cloud: A New Horizon of Hybrid Automated System for Storage Protection

Srividya B V, Smitha Sasi, Soumya S, Harikeerthan M K (Author)

843 - 859

Blockchain-Based Secure Management of Digital Credentials for Interns

Poonam Verma, Vikas Tripathi, Bhaskar Pant (Author)

902 - 911

Developing a Model for Understanding the Factors that Affect Individuals' Intentions to Share Personal Information

Abdulaziz Aborujilah, Samir Hammami, Mohammed Hussein Al-Sarem, Israa Ibraheem Al_Barazanchi (Author)

912 - 927

UX Design for an E-commerce Application: A Design Thinking Perspective

Joselle D. Concepcion, Thelma D. Palaoag (Author)

928 - 936

Automatic Braking System

Rakhi Pete, Manik Deosarkar (Author)

957 - 964

Estimating Malware Impact on Network Traffic Analysis by Using Wireshark

Syed Shameem, Kalisetty Venkatesh, Latif Shaik, Medavarapu T N D Sri Harsha, BailundoLuis Rablay Lopes (Author)

965 - 972

Assistive Technology for Navigation of Visually Impaired People

Mohammed Fayiz Ferosh, Pournami Sanalkumar, Prathibha P R, Sreelakshmi Manoj, Hari C V (Author)

989 - 996

Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Based MPPT in PV Grid Connected System

Bandana Gautam, Shivam Singh, Rajnish Bhasker (Author)

1016 - 1023

Application of Artificial Intelligence-based Technology in College Archives Management

Jianping Hu, Yongkang Yan, Zhengguang Xie (Author)

1032 - 1037

Image Segmentation Technology Based on Ant Colony Algorithm

Xiaoyan Wang, Jianyang Zhang (Author)

1038 - 1042

AI-Enhanced Demand Response Strategies in Smart Grids: Toward Sustainable Energy Future

Hassan Hadi M.A Al-Fatlawi, Qaeser Mohsen Khayoon, Ali Jasim Albhadly, Ahmed Kamal Ibrahim (Author)

1054 - 1064

A Machine Learning Approach for Detection and Classification of Colon Cancer using Convolutional Neural Network Architecture

Subrata Sinha, Saurav Mali, Utpala Borgohain, Ujjal Saikia, Gunadeep Chetia, Smriti Priya Medhi, Debashree Borthakur, Jayanta Aich, Gunjan Mukherjee, Dolan Ghosh, Rajeev Sarmah (Author)

1065 - 1071

Trust based Reputation Framework for Data Security in Cloud Environment

K.K.Baseer, M Jahir Pasha, Jyoti Prasad Patra, C.Rohith Bhat, S.Gomathi, Bramah Hazela (Author)


Cost-Effective Automatic Portable Air Purifier

Deekshitha Arasa, Savitha PB, Satish B A, Kavitha K (Author)


Study and Analysis of RBFN based MPPT controller for wind energy integrated with Traction Power Supply System

Mebratu Delelegn, Ravi Kumar Hiremath, Chandra Sekhar Reddy (Author)


Natural Language Processing of Grammar Checker Tools for Academic Writing: A Systematic Literature Review

Paulo Miguel A. Cano, Juhl Mayne L. Catiggay, John Michael M. Florida, John Mathew R. Pua, Mary Jane C. Samonte (Author)


Dataset for Pharmaceutical Salt Business to Improve the Welfare of Salt's Farmers

Irfat Hista Saputra, Akhmad Affandi Mahfudz, Tatik Mariyanti (Author)

1179 - 1186

Financial Access and Financial Risk Attitudes towards Improving Microenterprise Performance

Dedy Sukmana, Muhammad Zilal Hamzah, Nirdukita Ratnawat (Author)

1187 - 1190


Retracted (Author)



Retracted (Author)


Wearable T – Shaped Metamaterial Microstrip Patch Antenna with Split Ring Resonators for Wi-Fi Applications

Mehaboob Mujawar, T. Gunasekaran, Kanchan Wagh, Subuh Pramono (Author)

1248 - 1254

Low PAPR Filtered OFDM using Modified Selective Mapping

Hardik B. Tank, Dharmesh J. Shah (Author)

1255 - 1265

A Distributed Deployment Method for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Multi Agent Systems

Chuiju You, Guanjun Lin, Lili Sun, Shaoyu Zhao (Author)

1290 - 1297

Analysis of corrosion detection error of grounding grid under amplitude characterization

Jinshan Yu, Xizhe Zhang, Longhuan Liu, Zhihong Fu, Ning Li, Chaopeng Luo, Xin Chen (Author)

1298 - 1307


Retracted (Author)

1308 - 1314


Retracted (Author)

1315 - 1329

Novel Path Selector in Wireless Sensor Networks

B.Harish Goud, Raju Anitha (Author)

1370 - 1379

Automatic Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease using Handwriting Patterns

T. Nagamani, K. Java Venkata Sai Jayadeep, J. Sandhya, K. Sri Sai Lahari, G. Prakash Babu (Author)

1395 - 1405

ED-SS based Cognitive Radio (CR) over Various Fading Channels for Modern Wireless Communications

V. Soni, Y.V. Krishna Reddy, Miguel Villagómez-Galindo, R.Gupta, Vijay Bhuria, Jagadeesh B N (Author)

1406 - 1423

Enhancing Disease Diagnosis through Transfer Learning: Improving Accuracy and Generalization

Kalivaraprasad B., Prasad M.V. D., Bharathi H. (Author)

1424 - 1433

Single Operational Amplifier Based Grounded Meminductor Emulator & Its Applications

Hari Om, Maneesha Gupta, Shireesh Kumar Rai (Author)

1434 - 1444

Cloud Enabled e-Banking Payment Security Implementation using Blockchain Technology

Shalu J. Rajawat, Manju Kaushik, Surendra Kumar Yadav (Author)

1445 - 1455

Product Design Interaction and Experience Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Qianqian Hu, Heguang Wang, Xiaotang Cui, Bing Wang (Author)


Talent Cultivation Quality of Software Engineering Majors Based on Deep Learning

Mengzi Zhang, Xiao Chen, Yue Jin, Xiaocheng Zhou, Shaowei Zhang (Author)


A State-of-arts Review of Deep Learning Techniques for Speech Emotion Recognition

Kshirod Sarmah, Swapnanil Gogoi, Hem Chandra Das, Bikram Patir, Mrinal Jyoti Sarma (Author)


Exploring Fault Tolerance Consensus for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Comprehensive Detailed Study

Mohammad Ubaidullah Bokhari, Abdul Kareem, Basil Hanafi (Author)

1653 - 1663

Quantum-Enhanced SOLAR Site Selection: A Novel MCDM Approach

Gunjan Mukherjee, Anshit Mukherjee, Subrata Sinha, Shantanu Bhadra, Monalisa Halder, Sandip Haldar, Ranjita Sinha, Simanta Hazra, Bikas Mondal, Pritha Chakraborty, Arnab Chakraborty (Author)

1664 - 1678

Rainfall Prediction Using Deep Learning Algorithms

Huthaifa Abuhammad, Dimah Al-Fraihat, Yousef Sharrab, Faisal Alzyoud (Author)

1696 - 1704

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