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Vol. 20 No. 2 (2024)

Published: 2024-04-18

Designing Power-Efficient BIST Architecture: Leveraging Reversible Logic for Scalable Digital Systems

Suhas Shirol , Ramakrishna S , Rajashekhar B Shettar (Author)

2747 - 2762

Towards Enhanced Security: An improved approach to Phishing Email Detection

G. B. Sambare, Shailesh B. Galande, Sharvari Kale, Pragati Nehete, Vaishnavi Jadhav, Nihal Tadavi (Author)

2763 - 2772

Fraud Detection in Banking Data by Machine Learning Techniques

Sahithi Arjun , Nageswara Rao Moparthi (Author)

2773 - 2784

Taxonomy of the GDPR-based Privacy Research by Scientometric Analysis

Rolly R. Tang, Jae Kyu Lee, Shan Liu (Author)


Camera Analysis of Commercial Vehicle Camera Monitor System

Xiaoxiao Zhao, Xian Liu, Yao Zhang (Author)

1717 - 1728

Frequency Analysis of Rainfall with Different Methods based on the Missing Data Processed by Random Forest Algorithm

Xin GUO, Zhijie Yin, Cheng Gao, Boyao Zhan, Manqiu Hao, Xiaomin Ji (Author)

1769 - 1780

Computer Modeling Analysis of Electric Vehicle's Choice Behavior Considering Latent Variables

Lixiao Wang, Renyuan Zhao, Shijun Lu, Jianhu Wang (Author)


Spatial-temporal Evolution and Driving Factors of Desertification Based on Computer Interpretation in Tarim River Basin

Shijun Lu, Guoqing Yu, Lixiao Wang, JianHu Wang, Zengjin Liu, Kaixu Wang (Author)

1834 - 1845

A Study on the Driving Mechanisms of Water Supply and Demand Perception in the Digital Age

Ni Pan, Renjuan Wei, Zhen Li, Jianming Liu, Xiaopeng Li, Wenyu Shi, Xin Zhong, Qiaoxia Wang (Author)

1911 - 1923

An anomaly Detection Method for Electricity Consumption Data Based on CNN-BiLSTM-Attention

Jinkai Sun, Yulu Ren, Junwei Zhang, Xiaofang Chen (Author)

1924 - 1932

Near-neighbor Propagation Clustering Algorithm Based on Cuckoo Search

Yao Wang, Fuguo Liu, Guodong Li (Author)

1933 - 1940

An Analysis and Improvement Scheme for the Weakness of Kerberos V5 Authentication

Juanjuan Gong, Tao Men, Sha Feng, Dongming Yu (Author)

1955 - 1960

Analysis of Cornell Cooperative Extension under the Background of Big Data

Yaozu Wang, Qingyue Li, Haokun Wang, Xiuyun Wang (Author)

2027 - 2039

Analysis and Value Evaluation of Carbon Emission Reduction Strategies in the Power Industry Based on Real Options Theory and XGboost Algorithm

Guodong Li, Tianheng Chen, Zhiyu Zou, Ye Li, Bochao Qi, Weichen Ni, Jinbing Lv, Shangze Li (Author)

2049 - 2058

Recycling and Reuse of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Resin Materials with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Baijie Cai, Jianing Hao, Huimin Zhu, Libing Du, Xiang Ma, Peng Lin, Zichang Li, Hua Chen, Dan Li, Jianming Qin, Zhiyun Deng (Author)

2063 - 2074

Modification Method of Expanded Polystyrene Granular Concrete Based on Computer Data Analysis

Jianing Hao, Baijie Cai, Hua Chen, Libing Du, Peng Lin, Dan Li, Hao Zhou, Zichang Li, Huimin Zhu, Xiang Ma, Fan Fang, Zhiyun Deng (Author)

2075 - 2088

Design of Yellow Peach Quality Identification System Based on PlC and Machine Vision

Lin Li, Fengjiao Jiang, Nan Li, Yan Wang, Jinjing Zhang (Author)

2089 - 2096

Research Of Singing With Note-name Recognition Algorithm Based On End-to-End Model

Bintao Deng, Shimin Wang, Xiaodan Ren, Haiyang Ni, Ning Wang, Ming Zhao (Author)


The Numerical Simulation of Marangoni Problems Employing Multi-phase Parallel SPH Method

Lintao Zhang, Hongfu Qiang, Yujie Zhu, Dudou Wang, Yuxiang Liu (Author)

2126 - 2136

Mapping Knowledge Domains of Digital Labor Research: Current Status, Hotspot and Frontier

Linli Zhu, Xinbin Ge, He Huang, Weijun Huang (Author)

2137 - 2150

Web Service Implementation “AI Yoga Trainer Using Human Pose Estimation” for Web Discovery

Milind Gayakwad, Gajanan Bhole, Priyanka Paygude, Prakash Devale, Anand Shinde, Kalyani Kadam, Rahul Joshi (Author)

2167 - 2176

The concept of Minimal Spanning Tree (MST) for Symmetric Encryption

MPR Murthy, CH. Suneetha (Author)

2177 - 2185

Investigations of Regenerative Braking and Vibration Energy Conservation for Efficient Charging of Lithium-Ion Battery and Supercapacitor Hybrid System in Electric Vehicle Applications

Ravikant Nanwatkar, Deepak Watvisave, Aparna Bagde, Sonali Sable, Sachin Mutalikdesai, Chavali Shriramshastri (Author)

2198 - 2211

Real-Time Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition System using Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Rahul Patil, Prashant Ahire, Kalyan Bamane, Abhijit Patankar, Pramod D. Patil, Saomya Badoniya, Resham Desai, Gautam Bhandari, Bikramjeet Singh Dhami (Author)

2244 - 2254

Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease Using Machine Learning

Shweta S. Salunkhe, Samita Ganveer, Himani Bire, Rutuja Deshmukh (Author)

2255 - 2266

Comparative Analysis of Human Pose Estimation Methods with Fall Detection and Smart Alarming System

Rahul Patil, Prashant Ahire, G. B. Sambare, Yashwant Dongre, Aarti S. Gaikwad, Nishant Ashtekar, Sushant Chaudhari, Shailendra Chaudhari, Abhijit Gadhave (Author)

2296 - 2305

Novel Approach to Design a Model for Software Effort Estimation Using Linear Regression

Sachin Wakurdekar, Sandeep Vanjale, Priyanka Paygude, Milind Gayakwad, Amol Kadam, Rahul Joshi, Sachin Kadam (Author)

2306 - 2315

Explainable Artificial Intelligence into Cyber-Physical System Architecture of Smart Cities: Technologies, Challenges, and Opportunities

Isha Batra, Arun Malik, Shamneesh Sharma, Chetan Sharma, A. S. M. Sanwar Hosen (Author)

2343 - 2362

Multivariate Approach for Texture Segmentation using Probabilistic Statistical Model

K. Naveen Kumar, G. V. S. Raj Kumar, B. Raja Koti, M. C. Jagan Sekhar, P. V. Pragnatha, P. V. Sai Manisha (Author)

2381 - 2385

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Identification Using CNN-LSTM Hybrid Model

Prasanna Kulkarni, Deepali Vora,Prajjwal Dewangan,Rohi Bindal,Nilima Zade,Anshita Singh, Aditya Gupte (Author)

2386 - 2394


Retracted (Author)

2418 - 2427

Design of a Novel Converter Topology for Micro Grid Applications

Devulal.B, M.Siva,  D. Ravi  Kumar (Author)

2428 - 2449

Secure Data in the Cloud with a Robust Hybrid Cryptographic Approach

Ghada Yousif Ismail, Shaymaa Alhayali, Shahab Wahhab Kareem, Zozan Saadallah Hussain (Author)

2450 - 2457

IoT-Enabled Embedded Virtual Sensor for Energy-Efficient Scalable Online Water Quality Monitoring System

Aleefia .A. Khurshid, Sanket Soni, Anushree Mrugank Minase , Ashlesha Bonkinpelliwar, Dhairya Jain (Author)

2458 - 2466

Investigations of Mechanical Properties and Maximum Load Capacities under Abuse Testing of Lithium Ion Battery

Sonali Sabale, Deepak Watvisave, Ravikant Nanwatkar, Ajit Bhosale, Shridhar Kedar, Shekhar Chavan (Author)

2467 - 2483

IoT Based Smart Kitchen Using Fuzzy Intelligence and Signal Processing

Narendran S P, Janani R, S. Balamurugan, Janarthanan N, Chandra Dev K A, Dasi Raghuram (Author)

2484 - 2492

Smart Helmet with A Head-Mounted Display, Solar Panel, and Natural Language Processing

Ratnesh Kumar Dubey, Suraj Sharma, Abhinandan Singh Dandotiya, Nidhi Dandotiya, Shashi kant Gupta, Farhan Raza Rizvi (Author)

2503 - 2510

Leveraging Digital Forensics in the Age of Smart Grids: A Survey of Tools and Techniques for Securing Electrical Power Systems

Daniel Madan Raja S, Vipparthi Susanna, Srinitya G, Ramesh C, Thomas Samraj Lawrence, Ganapathy Dharmalingam (Author)

2511 - 2522

Dual Parameter Control of Drum Boiler using Formula-Based Fuzzy Controller

Sonar (Limgaokar) Arun. D., Chile Rajan H., Vipul H. Kondekar, Roshan Pushpan, Somnath B. Thigale, Vivek Rane, Anup Vibhute (Author)

2547 - 2557

Towards Seamless Air Travel: Developing a Next-Generation Flight Booking Assistant

Manasa S A, Pankaj Agarwal, Goutam Pal, P. Mahendra, Shankar Rao Pendyala, Sachin Marge (Author)

2558 - 2567

Organization-Wide Continuous Learning (OWCL): Personalized AI Chatbots for Effective Post-Training Knowledge Retention

Manoj Kumar Manmathan, Pankaj Agarwal, Suraj Ravi Shiwal, Nitin Bhore, Shagun Singal, Bhaskar Saha (Author)

2568 - 2581

Intelligent, optimal charging with MSSC and PCM protocols for healthy and long life on Li-ion batteries

Ismail Boumedra Abdelamin Diani , Mohammed Jamil Ouazzani , Hassan Qjidaa (Author)

2604 - 2615

A Study of Irrigation Management in Smart Farming and IoT for Greenhouse Tomato Production

Irfan Ardiansah Awang Bono ,Roni Kastaman , Edy Suryadi , Yanti Rubiyanti (Author)

2616 - 2630

Traffic Signal Violation Detection System Using Computer Vision

Hitesh Gehani, Shashi Rathod, Shrawan Kumar Purve, Purva Gogte, Pratik Agrawal, Nikita Katariya (Author)

2661 - 2670

GIS Constructed Water Monitoring Network System Via IOT

P Kishor Kumar L Priyanka ,K Saritha ,S Deepika ,R Suma (Author)

2671 - 2678

Voltage Control of PV-Wind-FC-Electrolyzer-Battery based Hybrid Microgrid

Sushil Kumar Bhoi, Pradeep Kumar Shill, Niranjan Behera, Asini Kumar Baliarsingh, Dilip Kumar Bagal (Author)

2679 - 2695

Enhancement of Cryptocurrency Mining through Artificial Intelligence for Workstation Systems

Praveen Kumar Bindu Babu , Sathish , Suriya , Abishek , Indraja (Author)

2696 - 2703

Decoding Stress with Computer Vision-Based Approach Using Audio Signals for Psychological Event Identification during COVID-19

Ankit Kumar, Snehal Godse, Sagar Kolekar, Dilip Kumar Jang Bahadur Saini, Deepak Pandita, Pulkit (Author)

2716 - 2727

Word Spectral Visualization Base on Fruchterman-Reingold Optimized ForceAtlas2

Rui Huang, Hailong Gai, Rong Jing, Fucheng Wan (Author)

07 - 15

Aircraft Objection Detection Method of Airport Surface based on Improved YOLOv5

Rui Zhou, Ming Li, Shuangjie Meng, Shuang Qiu, Qiang Zhang (Author)

16 - 25

Intelligent Monitoring of Protection Devices in Power system with Enhanced Faster R-CNN

Longxing Jin, Weiguo Yu, Fuquan Huang, Anlong Zhang, Zijun Liu, Jin Li (Author)

26 - 34

Research on Ventilation Simulation Technology for Large Section Gas Tunnel Construction

Liang Suo, Shugang Li, Yurong Liu, Jian Wen, Zhigang Ruan, Ning Huang, Xuan Li, Gaochuan Peng, Zunbo Diao (Author)

1065 - 1070

Research on Football Field Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

Chongjiang Zhan, Yunhao Tang, Pengtao Cui (Author)

1160 - 1169

Computational Analysis of Hydro-Mechanical Interaction in Sponge City Infrastructure

Dong Zhou, Haitao Xu, Yuwei Liu, Chenxiang Zhao, Xuan Xu (Author)

1222 - 1229

Fault-tolerant Integration of Charge and Discharge Information Security for Multi-Scale Time Series Models

Yongsheng Zhao, Nan Zhang, Bin Wu, Jian Zhang, Ming Zhao, Junhao Xiao (Author)

1306 - 1316

Research on Non-Standard Business Optimization of Insurance Companies Under Computer Big Data

Yonglin Tan, Xinghou Yu, Yongpan Duan, Lan Yang (Author)

1317 - 1327

Application of SSA-KNN Algorithm in Fault Analysis of Power Metering Automation System

Chengfei Qi, Yan Liu, Chaoran Bi, Yaoyu Wang (Author)

1339 - 1349

Application Research of Intelligent Search System Based on Clustering Algorithm

Tao Liu, Lihong Hao, Saixiao Huang, Xiaoya Qin (Author)

1362 - 1373

Application of Clustering Algorithm in Fault State Classification of Low Voltage Watt-Hour Meter

Shengbo Sun, Hao Wang, Chong Li, Yi Wang, Xiaoteng Sun (Author)

1374 - 1384

Generic Framework for Vehicle Identification System with Deep Learning Models

Raja Rao PBV, Kiran Sree Pokkuluri, M. Prasad, P T Satyanarayana Murthy, Asapu Satyamallesh, G Ramesh Babu, CH Phaneendra Varma (Author)

1403 - 1414

DRESCNN: Deep RESNET Convolutional Neural Network Based Classification of X-Ray Images for Detection of COVID-19

Vipul.V.Bag, V. D. Gaikwad, Mithun B. Patil, Kedar S. Swami, Sandip P. Abhang, Sonali M. Antad, Shradha Joshi-Bag (Author)

1415 - 1425

GaN-HEMT Performance Enhancement

Fatma M. Mahmoud, Amira Nabil, Mohamed Abouelatta, Gamal M. Dousoky, M. A. Abdelghany (Author)

1426 - 1435


Retracted (Author)

1447 - 1457

Internet of Things Based-Early Diagnosis System of Diabetes Using Optimized Neural Network

Mohammed Qasim Alazzawi, Mustafa Ridha Al-Yasari (Author)

1465 - 1474


Retracted (Author)

1475 - 1483

A Revised Model of Salinity Surface Reflection Coefficient at A range of Frequencies

Imadeldin Elsayed, Mohamad Shaiful, Izzeldin Ibrahim, Khalid Bilal, Mohamed Hassan (Author)

1512 - 1518

Detecting Three Different Diseases of Plants by Using CNN Model and Image Processing

Awad Bin Naeem, Biswaranjan Senapati, Abdelhamid Zaidi, Renato R. Maaliw, Md. Sakiul Islam Sudman, Debabrata Das, FRIBAN ALMEIDA, Hesham A. Sakr (Author)

1519 - 1525

Machine Learning Approach to Forecast the Tensile Strength of Bamboo

Mainak Mallik, Saurabh Dubey, Deepak Gupta (Author)

1526 - 1538

The Smart Agriculture System Using IOT and ML

Siddhi Vijay Ghadge, Prakash Devale, Shrikala Deshmukh, Saloni Shah, Ganesh Gadhave, Sarika Pawar, Swapnali Limkar (Author)

1539 - 1548

Enhancing Network Security: Leveraging Machine Learning for Intrusion Detection

Veera V Rama Rao M, Anuj Rapaka, M Prasad, Raja Rao PBV, P T Satyanarayana murty, Kiran Sree Pokkuluri (Author)

1555 - 1562

Optimizing Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Advanced Deep Learning Techniques in Medical Imaging

Veera V Rama Rao M, Anuj Rapaka, M Narasimha Raju, M Prasad, B Anoch, Kiran Sree Pokkuluri (Author)

1563 - 1569

A Generalized Two-Level Ensemble Method for Spam Mail Detection

B. Aruna Kumari, C. Nagaraju (Author)

1570 - 1579

Performance analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms to classify Software Requirements

Sonali Idate, T. Srinivasa Rao, Milind Gayakwad, Priyanka Paygude, Prashant Chavan, Rajendra Pawar, Kalyani Kadam (Author)

1588 - 1599

Real-Time Clickstream Analytics with Apache

Milind Gayakwad, Tulshihar Patil, Priyanka Paygude, Prakash Devale, Anand Shinde, Rajendra Pawar, Amol Bhosale (Author)

1600 - 1608

Performance of Modular Multilevel Converter in Electric Vehicles Charging Station

S.Jaanaa Rubavathy, P.V.S.Aditya, Md. Mustafa (Author)

1609 - 1616

Neural Networks in Neuroimaging: A Critical Analysis of Deep Learning Techniques for Brain Tumor Prediction

S. Muthuraj, Rameshwar Dadarao Chintamani, Yogesh Suresh Deshmukh, Prasad Raghunath Mutkule (Author)

1617 - 1636

Semi-automatic Knowledge Graph Construction Based on Deep Learning

Yong Xu, Vladimir Y. Mariano, Mideth Abisado, Alexander A. Hernandez (Author)

50 - 57

Railway Signal Electronic Control System Based on BP Neural Network

Xiongsheng Wu, Songzhi Luo, Bufan Wei (Author)

58 - 63

Semantic Similarity Caculating based on BERT

Denghui Yang, Dengyun Zhu, Hailong Gai, Fucheng Wan (Author)

73 - 79

Construction of Virtual Reality Rail Transit Simulation System

Jimin Liu, Chunyang Liu, Liwen Zheng, Hong Li (Author)

96 - 103

The Carbon Emission Accounting and Prediction of the Power Generation Side based on LSTM in Jilin Province

Yuanmei Zhang, Yu Lu, Huixu Xiao, Minglei Jiang, Weiguo Hu (Author)

113 - 122

Machine Learning-Based Prediction Methods for Home Burglary Crimes

Shuo Wen, Xiaomin Li, Lixuan Zhao, Qi Wu, Wei Du, Shangxuan Jiang (Author)

123 - 130

Optimization of Drying Process of Lithium Battery Pole Piece Based on Simulation Technology

Shaohua Cui, Xiaoping Li, Rui Wang, Linghua Zhang, Jiangping Mei, Qingyan Yang (Author)

141 - 147

A Comparative Study of virtual Reality Combined with Eye Movement Measurement in the Design Teaching Process

Hongcai Chen, Ning Zhang, Dongsheng Chen, Jiongwen Gao, Veerawat Sirivesmas, Yan Wang (Author)

148 - 159

Employee Turnover Prediction Based on Ensemble Learning DGNK Model

Lihe Ma, Kechao Wang, Yan Wang, Lin Liu, Ning Sha, Lin Ma (Author)

182 - 189

Assessing Performance of the Transformer Model in Predicting Hog Prices

Hui Liu, Mingfang He, Hancheng Lai, Xiaoying Zhong (Author)


Intelligent Management Platform into Equipment Construction Personnel Training Mode Exploration: A Case of Police Equipment Management Information

Qilei Wang, Xiaoming Zhang, Sijia Li, Fang Zhang, Xiaoqing Zhang, Lin Zhu, Sufang Yang (Author)


Geo-environmental Suitability Assessment for Shallow Foundition Pit in Urban Zhengzhou City Based on GIS and AHP Methods

Lin Guo, Xiaojing Guo, Shasha Liu, Xinlin He, Hui Tang, Ruiyang Li, Xiaoyu Ma (Author)


Research on Defect Detection Method of Painting Parts Based on Machine Vision

Yi Liang, Hongwang Zhao, Xuebang Tang, Tingpeng Li (Author)


Vehicle Steering Gear Sleeve Defect Detection Method Based on Machine Vision

Yi Liang, Hongwang Zhao, Xuebang Tang, Tingpeng Li (Author)


Research on decoupling greenhouse temperature and humidity based on feedback linearization

Mingge Wu, Hua Xiao, Chengji Lu, Minkai Zhang, Jiangcheng Jin, XiaowenXie (Author)


A MIMO-Based Dual Polarized Antenna Applicable for Mobile Terminal

Biqing Li, Shiyong Zheng, XiaoguangYue (Author)


Multi-robot Source Navigation Method Based on Coordination Graph Monte Carlo Tree Search

Yong Xu, Danfeng Li, Malathy Batumalay, Choon Kit Chan, Long Jiang (Author)


Research on Road Geological Hazard Risk Assessment Model Based on Computational Deep Learning Algorithm Integrated With GIS

Zhichao Xu, Yuzhuo Wang,Yunshan Chen, Chao Deng, Yuexing Wu, Xinzhong Wang, Le Ding, Zhanjun Liu (Author)


Research on engine multiple fault diagnosis method based on cascade model

Genghong Jiang, Chao Wang, Zhonghua Yao, Haixuan Qiu (Author)


Research on Dynamic Gesture Recognition and Control System based on Machine Vision

Yong Xu, Manping Qin, Cuiru Zhou, Jiansheng Peng, Malathy Batumalay, Choon Kit Chan (Author)


Data-driven study of container handling charges in coastline ports of China

Tianchao Guan, Zhehui Zhang, Di Xu, Peng Cai (Author)


Media Buzzword Analysis Integrated with Phrase Vectors and Topic Model

Dengyun Zhu, Hailong Gai, Hongzhi Yu, Rong Jing, Fucheng Wan (Author)


Research on Simulation Robots Based on the Needs of Peaceful Community Construction

Wanghu Sun, Yuning Sun, Chao Wu, Jian Chen, Haibin Zhang (Author)


Cause Analysis of Elevator Accidents Based on Complex Network

Wenhui Du, Yiwei Chen, Qian Zhou, Minghui Zhang, Ru Yi (Author)


Construction of a Computer-Aided Dual-Parameter Landslide Prediction Method

Weiping Lu, Jingwen Sun, Haizhi Liu, Xiaoming Liu, Lili Yang, Feisheng Chen, Zhiyu Li (Author)


An Empirical Study on the Educational Application of ChatGPT

Xu Fang, Xiuge Wang, Wenying Ma (Author)


Research on the Application of Intelligent Multi-branch Version Management Strategy of Electricity Marketing Service System Software

Zhigao Shen, Yuanbin Xu, Yanjie Wang, Yifan Hu, Gang Chen, Ying Gao, Pang Zhang, Yongchao Pan (Author)


Enhanced Typhoon-Induced Design Wave Height Estimation for Ocean Engineering Applications Using High Performance Computing

Feng Zhang, Li Zhang, Yanshuang Xie, Yaozhao Zhong, Lei Wang, Peitu Lin (Author)


Application of Neural Network in Seismic Risk Survey

Changxian Zhou, Shaopeng Zheng, Youquan Ye, Hao Wang, Ping Fu (Author)


A Long-and Short-term Hot User Identification Method Based on Local Outlier Density

Tian Tian, Zesan Liu, Tiansheng Gao, Xiaowu Zhang, Siyu Jin, Xinyi Liu (Author)


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