GTLNLP: A Mathematical Exploration of Cross-Domain Knowledge Transfer for Text Generation for Generative Transfer Learning in Natural Language Processing

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Swati Bula Patil, Sopan Talekar, Mohini Vyawahare, Amol A. Bhosle, Manoj Vasantrao Bramhe, Archana Bajirao Kanwade


In the field of Cross-Domain Knowledge Transfer generative transfer learning in Natural Language Processing (NLP) used for creating text using generative math. The paper aims to improve the usefulness of text creation models in a variety of areas by using cutting edge deep learning and neural network methods. We come up with a new system that makes it easier for information to move from one domain to another, even when the language and situation are different in each domain. Using domain adaptation techniques to match feature distributions and reduce domain gaps is what our method is based on mathematically. It is a complex version of transfer learning principles. We test our model's abilities on a wide range of tasks by doing a lot of careful experiments. We focus on how well it can share information and write text that makes sense and is relevant to the situation across different areas. This study not only adds to our theoretical understanding of cross-domain knowledge transfer, but it also gives us useful tips on how to make NLP models more flexible and useful in the real world. The results of our study could help improve the state of the art in generative transfer learning and make text generation systems that work better and more reliably in a variety of language settings.

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Swati Bula Patil, Sopan Talekar, Mohini Vyawahare, Amol A. Bhosle, Manoj Vasantrao Bramhe, Archana Bajirao Kanwade

[1]Swati Bula Patil

2Dr. Sopan Talekar

3Dr.Mrs.Mohini Vyawahare

4Dr. Amol A. Bhosle,

5Dr. Manoj Vasantrao Bramhe

6Dr Archana Bajirao Kanwade


[1]Assistant Professor in Vishawakarm Institute Of Information Technology, Pune, Maharashtra, India Email:

2Associate Professor, MVPSS Karmaveer Adv. Baburao Thakare College of Engineering, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Email:

3Assistant Professor & Head Robotics and AI Department, Priyadarshini College of engineering, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Email:

4Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering School of Computing, MIT Art Design and Technology University Pune, India. Email:

5Professor, Department of Information Technology, St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Email:

6Associate Professor, Marathwada MitraMandal College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India.



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