Optimization in Electrical Network through Domination Theory

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D. N. Panchotia, T. K. Pathak, P. K. Rathod, D. D. Pandya, H. S. Bhutadia, A. K. Chaudhari


Optimal Phasor measurement units (PMUs) placement involves the process of minimizing the number of PMUs needed while ensuring the entire power system completely observable. A power system is identified observable when the voltages of all buses in the power system are known. Installation of a Phasor measurement unit (PMU) at each bus of the network may cause some buses become observable. However, full observability of the network should be provided for estimation of the network state variables. Graph theory has the tool named as domination theory to optimize this problem with minimum number of buses for full observability. Various variants can play important role to find minimum number of buses. Here we are going to take help of a powerful variant of domination named D domination. Results regarding edge addition, removal with illustrations have been discussed.

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