Understanding Optical Attributes of Wet Chemically Synthesized Quantum Dots

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C Tyagi , P Yadav


This paper investigates the optical properties of wet chemically synthesised cadmium selenide (CdSe) quantum dots (QDs). Because of its distinct optical and electrical properties, quantum dots exhibit an increase in band gap energy (Eg) which can be further used as a suitable material for solar cell application. The size quantization effect in CdSe particles is also responsible for blue shifts observed in the adsorption and fluorescence spectra. Swanepoel method is used to evaluate refractive index of the given material and after analysing the graph it has been observed that as wavelength increases, refractive index of the prepared material decreases. The interaction between electrons and photons with regard to the photon energy is shown by the imaginary(εi) and real parts(εr) of dielectric constants. Optical conductivity (σ_opt) using the absorption coefficient was also calculated.

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