Using Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) to Explore the Fire Hazard Zone of 40-Foot Energy Storage System

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Yi-Hao Huang, Jen-Hao Chi


In recent years, due to issues such as air pollution and global warming, green energy such as wind power and photovoltaics has developed rapidly. However, whether it is wind power generation or solar photovoltaic, it is necessary to use energy storage system to regulate the power system to maintain the balance and stability of power supply. However, there have been many fire accidents of energy storage systems in the world, causing difficulties in fire rescue. This study takes current a 40-foot energy storage system as a case in Taiwan, uses the Fire Dynamics Simulator(FDS) to discuss the situation of the fire in this case, the situation of the fire spread, and the fire extinguishing efficiency of the water sprinkler system. Based on the results of FDS computer simulation, an evaluation method for the fire hazard zone of fire rescue is established, and a mechanism for fire prevention, emergency response and fire rescue of energy storage system is established.

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