Cloud Enabled e-Banking Payment Security Implementation using Blockchain Technology

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Shalu J. Rajawat, Manju Kaushik, Surendra Kumar Yadav


Cloud computing has revolutionized the banking industry by offering flexible and flexible products for the delivery of electronic banking services. However, due to the sensitivity of the central authority, ensuring the security of online transaction is still a critical issue. In this context, blockchain technology is promising by offering decentralization, transferability and cryptographic security. This article presents a new way to increase the security of electronic banking payments by combining blockchain technology with cloud computing. The system plans to use the cloud to host business applications and services, and use blockchain to securely record and verify transactions. Smart contracts are used to streamline the payment process and manage transactions, providing transparency and trust. Additionally, encryption technology is used to encrypt sensitive information and protect the user's identity. Using this solution provides many benefits, including improving the security, transparency and efficiency of electronic banking. Research articles and experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness and applicability of the proposed process in real life. Overall, the integration of blockchain technology with cloud banking provides a solution to solve security issues and increase the reliability of online payments.

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