Single Operational Amplifier Based Grounded Meminductor Emulator & Its Applications

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Hari Om, Maneesha Gupta, Shireesh Kumar Rai


One can create the meminductor emulator from the memcapacitor emulator, and vice versa, by exchanging the positions of the memristor and capacitor. Two emulators were constructed using one operational amplifier, one component, three resistors, and two capacitors. The third simulation device was built using “one operational amplifier, two memristors, two resistors, and two capacitors”. The proposed meminductor emulator circuits are designed using hp memristor at a frequency range 500KHz. The performance of the suggested meminductor emulators is considered satisfactory across a wide range of frequencies. The meminductor emulators were developed and tested with the LTspice software. An experimental oscillator was developed to assess the performance of a proposed meminductor emulator with frequency range at 500 KHz.. Constructed and simulated a high pass filter using the recommended meminductor emulator to verify its performance. A chaotic oscillator with a suggested meminductor emulator has been developed to showcase the effectiveness of the concept.

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