Novel Path Selector in Wireless Sensor Networks

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B.Harish Goud, Raju Anitha


The Sensor Network is a system with a more number of sensor nodes that can maintain itself. The dispersed nodes sensor converses with one another. the node sensors gather data and transmit it to the base station. The deployment of the WSN spans many different applications, such secure military software, healthcare systems, and monitoring software. Numerous studies have concentrated on boosting communication efficiency and increasing network lifetime. In The conventional style Base station, sensor nodes, and cluster heads (CH) make up the typical WSN architecture. Traditional sensor node communication methods use a lot of energy, cause delays, and have poor network performance. To solve the system's restriction in its current state in this paper, it was suggested to implement Path selector a special node which contains all clusters information in WSN and their sensor energy information of all sensor nodes so that directly we can send data to destination sensor node fast without any delay, energy consumption. There by we can improve packet delivery ratio, throughput decrease delay. 

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