Power Flow Analysis Using Fuzzy for Single Phase Transformer Less PV System Connected with a Nine-Level Converter

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B Mohan Rao, Md. Haseeb Khan, B. Mangu


Power electronics technology advancements and growing environmental concerns worldwide have made photovoltaic (PV) systems more visible in distributed generation systems. Photovoltaics, or solar PV, is an important component of solar energy for generating electricity. Grid-connected inverters must be able to regulate the amount of power they inject into the grid, track maximum power points, be highly efficient, and inject currents into the grid with minimal harmonic distortion. Two step-down converters were used to construct an inverter without a single-phase transformer. This study investigates two multi-sequence inverter types that use different voltages and are based on single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) technology.  A new nine-level grid-connected transformer-less photovoltaic converter was proposed in this study. MATLAB was used to construct the complicated FFT simulation using fuzzy logic controls. Analyzing efficiency through simulation in order to enhance efficiency. This work aims to replace PI controllers with fuzzy controlled systems so that single-stage operation can be improved with reduced switches in an economic manner. An improvement of 10% over the existing system is achieved by implementing fuzzy computing.

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