Wearable T – Shaped Metamaterial Microstrip Patch Antenna with Split Ring Resonators for Wi-Fi Applications

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Mehaboob Mujawar, T. Gunasekaran, Kanchan Wagh, Subuh Pramono


This paper presents the design of a T-shaped metamaterial microstrip patch antenna integrated with split ring resonators, tailored for IEEE 802.11a Wi-Fi applications. The antenna utilizes a non-woven polypropylene geotextile substrate, measuring 1.9 mm thick with a dielectric constant of 2.2, while the copper sheet thickness is 0.1 mm. Performance metrics such as reflection coefficient, antenna gain, and VSWR are evaluated. Simulated results show a reflection coefficient of -21 dB at 5 GHz, which closely matches the measured value of -22 dB. VSWR values of 1.5 and 1.3 are obtained through simulation and measurement respectively. Additionally, SAR analysis indicates suitability for wearable applications, with the SAR value exceeding 10 grams of tissue falling within acceptable limits.

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