Strategic E-Procurement and AI Integration: Pioneering Solutions for Global Service Sector Challenges

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Tara Prasad Tripathy, J. K. Tandon


This research article investigates challenges and innovative procurement approaches within the Service Sector. Specifically, through the lens of ten diverse global companies within the service sector, where traditional processes are being transformed through procurement software, yet complexity in implementing procurement software is ever on the rise with the need for customization, integration, user adoption and compliance with regulation and security. Add to this, the cost implications and constant improvements in technology and a picture of the challenges faced is painted. This study examines the multifaceted challenges faced by companies operating in the service sector and how they implement innovative strategies to overcome challenges. The study looks at the challenges, solutions that have been designed and implemented and how successful they have been. A detailed analysis of ten individual cases, utilities transformers to entertainment, and impact of collaborative strategies and organizational culture on how successful these have been presented. The results provide for a richer understanding of procurement challenges and innovative approaches that can be applied and provide insight into success and failure and reasons why, with technology integration, strategy collaboration and organizational cultures providing keys to success. Additionally, gaps in the literature that lead to areas of further study are presented. 

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