Solar Photo Voltaic Connected Quasi Z Source Inverter for Grid and utility Application

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Muneeb Ahmad, K. A. Dongre


This paper discusses the use of quasi-Z-source inverters, in utility grid systems. These inverters enhanced dependability and one-stage buck and boost abilities make them appropriate for photovoltaic power conditioning applications. The small signal sate space method utilized for the proposed system using Quasi ZSI for utility and grid integration application. Shoot through state also implemented on dc side to enhanced the voltage gain. The Controlling of dc side and ac side also implemented in MATLAB using state space transfer function. A two-stage controlling technique implemented on two level 6 switch inverters with SPWM with P & O MPPT and PI controller. The proposed system has solar PV array rating of 5.5kW and utilized in distribution purpose. A simple boost controlling technique has been implemented to obtained the desired gain and less ripples are present in the current due to the presence of inductor in the QZSI impedance network. During light loading the surplus power injected to the grid with the help of PLL system and when load demand increases the power take from the grid smoothly without loss of synchronism. The system has better stability and fast dynamic response during transient. The THD has been observed at the inverter and load side with LC filter, THD within the permissible limit as per IEEE std 1547. 

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