Estimation and Evaluation of Ionospheric Scintillations at Various NavIC Signal Frequencies using Real Time Data

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G. Chandra Shekar, P. Naveen Kumar


The ionospheric scintillations affect radio waves from the NavIC satellites through the ionosphere. The ionospheric scintillations lower receiver tracking accuracy, integrity, and continuity. This paper presents the computation of ionosphere parameters such as TEC, ROTI and scintillation index (S) using pseudo range and Carrier to Noise density ratio (C/No) measurements of NavIC L5 and S-band signals. Also, investigates the ionospheric scintillations, which are common in the equatorial and low latitude region. The correlation between the amplitude scintillation index S4 and ROTI is investigated using real data of NavIC receiver at Osmania University, Hyderabad. The results obtained confirm that the scintillations impact varies with radio signal frequency and it is severe on low frequencies during post sunset hours at low latitude regions.

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