Natural Language Processing of Grammar Checker Tools for Academic Writing: A Systematic Literature Review

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Paulo Miguel A. Cano, Juhl Mayne L. Catiggay, John Michael M. Florida, John Mathew R. Pua, Mary Jane C. Samonte


Grammar correction is crucial for essential documents such as research, business articles, formal papers, but with language evolving every century, some rules for grammar correction are added or changed. There have been created grammar correction online, which has helped most students create academic writing. Some tools focus on correcting the paper by following specific rules; some run an algorithm based on what type of document you are writing. In this paper, we reviewed documents published from 2017 up to 2021 related to grammar correction and Grammar error detection, with numerous Natural Language Processing and models provided by past researchers, which may aid this paper towards a solution on creating a grammar correction tool.

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