Trust based Reputation Framework for Data Security in Cloud Environment

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K.K.Baseer, M Jahir Pasha, Jyoti Prasad Patra, C.Rohith Bhat, S.Gomathi, Bramah Hazela


Cloud computing relies on the Internet and is susceptible to numerous attacks, hence security is the most significant issue.It takes a long time to create trust values for trust authority and cloud servers.Research into trust relationships and trust-based security mechanisms in cloud environments is important because trust has been regarded as a security relationship that is more important than authorization.In a cloud computing environment, trust should exist between cloud users and service providers.As a result, a trust-based reputation framework with fuzzy rules for cloud data security is proposed.The trust values of data centers (DCs) and cloud users (CUs) are independently determined within this framework.The DC examines the CU's reputation and disregards it if it is poor.The user evaluates the serving DC's reputation during transmission to the user and disregards low reputations.The results achieved demonstrate that the trust of the proposed framework performs better.

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