Analysis of the Rendering of Deep and Short Art Effects Under the Multimedia Background Taking into Account the 3D Ink Rendering Algorithm

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Lingling Zhong


People's living standard is improving and the economy is developing rapidly, so the demand for spiritual culture is also increasing. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, 3D ink rendering technology has become an indispensable part of modern art. It is not only a visual expression and tool, but also has a great impact on people's daily life. It is based on computer language and multimedia software. Its main purpose is to express art through images, sound and text; it can also integrate various complex and creative elements to form a whole picture, thus giving the whole picture a certain sense of hierarchy. This will give people an intuitive and strong visual feeling, thus achieving the purpose of "visual communication". In 3D ink rendering technology, image processing and sound effects are the two most important aspects. Among them, there is a certain correlation between digital works and text and other multimedia contexts with strong and far-reaching art effects rendering; and the impact of color and sound effects on 3D scenes should not be ignored: from the overall perspective, the sense of picture and enhanced visual effects can enhance the virtual reality space atmosphere and enrich the visual experience; but from the specific content, this may reduce the efficiency of the rendering process. In this paper, we start from the principle of ink rendering algorithm and analyze its impact on the picture effect and color processing in combination with 3D ink rendering technology.

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