AI-Enhanced Demand Response Strategies in Smart Grids: Toward Sustainable Energy Future

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Hassan Hadi M.A Al-Fatlawi, Qaeser Mohsen Khayoon, Ali Jasim Albhadly, Ahmed Kamal Ibrahim


To accomplish a sustainable energy future, this article researches the consolidation of computerized reasoning (AI) into request reaction components inside smart grids. While considering the joining of sustainable power sources and expanding energy utilization, current energy frameworks depend altogether on load the executives and continuous energy request reaction. Conventional methodologies battle with the intricacies of dynamic energy situations. Results from the examination feature the worth of AI and ML for enhancing energy use. Versatile learning for energy proficiency, exact interest determining, continuous observing, and sustainable power source mix are completely made conceivable by these innovations. An intensive vision for the Smart Lattice is introduced, underscoring financial matters, proficiency, wellbeing, ecological obligation, security, and reliability. We check out at the benefits and downsides of incorporating energy stockpiling gadgets and the job of circulated framework insight. The determination gives a careful future vision to AI-enhanced request reaction in smart grids by featuring research issues connected with self-learning frameworks, complete robotization, self-recuperating grids, fitting and-play advances, network safety, and labor force improvement.

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