The Role of Renewable Energy in Enhancing Environmental Sustainability in Saudi Arabia: Analysis of Policies and Legislation Related to Renewable Energy and Evaluation of their Effectiveness

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Anoud A. G. Almutairi, Mushari H. A. Aldawaihi, Sami A. A. Kouki


In this paper, we will study the role of renewable energy in promoting environmental sustainability in Saudi Arabia in light of existing policies and legislation. This study assesses the effectiveness of these current policies and legislation in encouraging the energy transition. A survey was conducted among around 200 experts in the field of energy and the environment to highlight the current state of initiatives taken to encourage the transition to clean energy and identify the strengths and weaknesses weaknesses of current policies and laws. By examining these policies and their impact, the study aims to provide insights to improve renewable energy frameworks and maximize large-scale contribution to the energy transition to mitigate environmental challenges in Saudi Arabia.

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