Assistive Technology for Navigation of Visually Impaired People

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Mohammed Fayiz Ferosh, Pournami Sanalkumar, Prathibha P R, Sreelakshmi Manoj, Hari C V


In this paper, an assistive navigational technology was proposed for those who are blind. People who are visually impaired are more likely to be physically inactive, move more slowly, and dread falling. As a result, the majority of them lack the confidence necessary to travel on their own in strange places. Despite the fact that some technology advancements can help them, not all of them are affordable to the common man. Through our efforts, we hope to help visually impaired persons feel secure and confident while navigating new surroundings. Assistive tech- nology for navigation of visually impaired people is an affordable and efficient computer vision based blind guidance system that helps the user detect the distance to obstacles well in advance and avoid them. The suggested system also includes an emergency distress alert feature that enables users to communicate their locations in an emergency.

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