Assessing the Gap between Environmental Legislation and Effective Implementation: A Study and Guidelines for Enhancing the Implementation Performance of Environmental Laws

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Ayoub F.R. Alqaisi, Fehan N. Almutairi


This article explores the gap between environmental legal regulations and their actual implementation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A comprehensive research approach was used, linked to a survey conducted among a randomly selected sample of 592 individuals in Saudi Arabia. Through a comparative assessment, various factors contributing to this gap were identified, including administrative, regulatory, financial, and cultural aspects specific to the region. Practical recommendations are provided based on the evaluation of research findings, aiming to enhance the implementation of environmental laws. The goal is to strengthen environmental safety and promote sustainable development in Saudi Arabia. The outcomes of this study hold significant importance for policymakers, aiding in the reinforcement of law enforcement and the encouragement of sustainable practices adaptable to local contexts, while also contributing to global environmental initiatives.

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