Blockchain-Based Secure Management of Digital Credentials for Interns

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Poonam Verma, Vikas Tripathi, Bhaskar Pant


Since the onset of the pandemic of COVID-19, the academic world has been making efforts to popularize micro-credentials. In medical education, medical interns would become doctors in their specific specializations. For becoming doctors, the medical interns would apply for a doctor’s license which requires the authorities to verify the credentials of the medical interns. The present paper presents a secure application deploying Blockchain to manage the micro-credentials and the specializations earned by the interns. This paper highlights the stackability of the Medical Portfolio Management System for Medical Interns. It describes an innovative approach to develop a decentralized immutable secure personal details management for organizing the digital micro-credentials earned by the Medical Interns based on their skills/specializations.  Most of the platforms have worked on the concept of the stackability of micro-credentials. The portfolio Management can request for certification, aggregation, and synchronization of Personal Profiles (MIP) in a local repository or wallet. Further, such a portfolio management network is feasible and immune to many of the vulnerabilities while sharing the credentials.

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