Improving Power Quality in a Grid-Connected Hybrid Power System through the Implementation of a Fuzzy Logic Controller

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Rambabu.yerra, R.Hariharan


The examination of modeling and designing grid-connected hybrid power systems with efficient control strategies is the focus of this study. Integration of wind and photovoltaic systems into the ac-bus bar system is a common practice in enhancing operational performance. Utilization of Matlab Simulink software is employed for the design of this hybrid system, incorporating efficient MPPT control algorithms to optimize power generation from solar and wind sources under varying climatic conditions. Analysis of the maximum power point tracking mechanism and control methods of the hybrid power system is conducted, particularly in response to changes in weather conditions such as wind speed and solar radiation. Maintaining grid voltages and Unity Power Factor (UPF) while feeding currents into the grid is essential for the hybrid system. The employment of Proportional Integral (PI) control instead of Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) in the voltage-oriented control approach is explored to enhance power quality.

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