Enhancement of Power Quality through the Implementation of a Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Model within Solar-Wind Energy Systems

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Rambabu.yerra, R.Hariharan


The generation of electricity is significantly assisted by hybrid solar-wind power systems, which also play a crucial role in the advancement of intelligent grids. Furthermore, the integration of wind and solar energy storage control systems, in conjunction with energy markets, has rendered the electricity grid more economically feasible. To meet the growing demand for electricity, hybrid renewable energy systems connected to microgrids consist of substantial identifying elements. The issue of harmonic distortion in microgrids arising from nonlinear loads is a fundamental area of research. Understanding the impact of microgrids on power quality is also of great importance. This study focuses on enhancing power quality in solar-wind hybrid systems by incorporating emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodologies. 

The proposed approach comprises two main components: (i) detection of distortions caused by voltage fluctuations and (ii) improvement of power quality through an AI-based control system. Initially, power distortions are identified and eliminated using the Enhanced Kalman Filter (EKF) algorithm. A Hybrid Artificial Neural Network with Fuzzy Intelligence (HANFI) model is then developed based on this power data. This model integrates two prominent neural network architectures with fuzzy systems. Experimental validation of the system is conducted using MATLAB, which facilitates the simulation of hybrid energy systems.

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