Securing the Cloud: A New Horizon of Hybrid Automated System for Storage Protection

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Srividya B V, Smitha Sasi, Soumya S, Harikeerthan M K


While cloud storage seems dependable and scalable, the necessity for it is increasing every day. The intricacies involved in securing data in terms of privacy and confidentiality makes the storing and administration of user information at a remote location problematic. The cloud third party who is in charge of handling the issues concerned with data security present within the cloud systems could end up being an unreliable insider. In order to enhance the protection of data and ensure the confidentiality of information without any sort of interruption from cloud third parties, the current research provides an automated hybrid Cryptographic algorithm for Cloud Data Storage. Improved automated Asynchronous Encryption for Data Streams (AEDS) and enhanced automated Concurrent Encryption for Data Blocks (CEDB) are two encryption techniques that are used to achieve great performance and efficiency. We introduce a unique encryption method in Enhanced Automated Concurrent Encryption by transforming the fixed S-box in the conventional AES to a varying S-box utilising a Ternary Galois field and Complementary Ternary Galois field in the proposed work. Additionally, the Ternary Galois field and Complementary Ternary Galois field are employed to transform the matrix used for the AES mix column technique into a dynamic matrix.

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