A Novel Optimized Colonic adenocarcinoma Detection using Deep Transfer Learning Approach with XceptionTS Model

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Rakesh Patnaik, Premanshu Sekhara Rath, Sasmita Padhy, Sachikanta Dash


Colonic adenocarcinoma is a major contributor to global mortality, highlighting the crucial need for efficient detection and classification techniques. This research presents a new method called XceptionTS for classifying and detecting colon cancer using colonoscopy pictures. The XceptionTS method utilizes deep transfer learning techniques by leveraging the Xception model architecture. Nonlinear Mean Filtering (NMF) is used as a noise reduction method in image processing to improve the quality of colonoscopy pictures. We combine the MobileNetV2 and ResNet-50 models for healthcare image segmentation and feature extraction, respectively. The XceptionTS classifier efficiently gives accurate class labels to medical photos by combining Tabu Search Optimization with the strong Xception architecture. The assessment of the effectiveness of XceptionTS model is done using a dataset of 1560 colonoscopy images. An extensive comparison study is undertaken by analyzing the efficacy of our suggested approach with existing research. The XceptionTS system outperforms previous methodologies in colon cancer classification and detection tasks, showing higher accuracy and robustness according to experimental results. Our findings indicate that the XceptionTS technique shows potential as an advanced tool to increase the effectiveness of Colonic adenocarcinoma diagnosis, which could lead to better patient outcomes and healthcare management.

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