Trust and Energy Effective Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Pavan Kumar M V N R, Hariharan R


Sensor nodes have been manufactured from an enormous amount of very thick sensor systems. To a large extent, wireless sensor networks were powered by electricity. The sensor connection has to work under really uncertain conditions. The nodes are powerless to various types of dynamic attacks especially specific outbound and well attacks under such conditions. These attacks inject malicious packages by trading the knot. Topographical conventions of direction of wireless sensor connections were created by thinking about the safety and power angle aspects of these assaults. In this article, a directing convention named energy-efficient and confidence implanted greedy perimeter stateless routing algorithm (EETGPSR) suggested for wireless sensor connections to join confidence systems in power-aware greedy perimeter stateless routing algorithm (EGPSR). The results show that EETGPSR beats EGPSR by reducing maintenance and improving the connection delivery ratio.

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